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How to Compose a Great Academic Research Paper: 5 Tips

One of the major academic requirements is to write a research paper. The main reason is get the student to get a deeper understanding of the topic. A research paper requires the student to come up with a research question that is relevant to the course study and do some research to answer it. Research papers are usually between eight to ten pages long for most academic courses and they have to include at least three to five academic sources.

In order to compose a great academic research paper, there are some things that you should consider. Here are five tips to help you succeed.

  1. Topic

    The topic that you choose for your research paper is very important. You will want to make sure that it includes these four criteria: interesting, relevant, concise, extensive.

  2. Make an outline

    Creating an outline is very helpful because it will organize your ideas and make sure that you include all of the information that you need to.

  3. Reference

    Collecting references is really important. It is the bulk of your paper. You will need to make sure that you are very diligent about giving credit to authors when you are using their information. The best way to do this is to create a reference page in your notebook. List every resource that you may use as you find them. If you write down one note from the reference, write down the source information. You will keep all of the sources in this list and they will be written in the format you need for you reference page. In the notes, be sure to reference these sources using the in-text citation that you would use if it was in your paper. That way you can easily find the information that you need.

  4. Sample

    One great way to write a great paper is to read and use a research paper sample from a professional writing source or other source as a sample. This can be like your instruction guide to writing the paper.

  5. Proofread and Edit

    Do not skip this step. When you are done writing your paper, don’t just hit the review on your word processor and call it a day. Be sure the read and reread the paper over and over again and edit it as you go.

These tips should help you write a successful paper.

Tips for Term Paper Format

After writing and rewriting your content and polishing your final draft, your work is not quite finished just yet. This is where you add any final touches you had yet to complete that your paper may require. These elements may include a title page, works cited page, and setting margins and page spacing. Your content may need to follow a specific order and this is the best time to ensure your work displays it. For instance, your format may include an abstract, introduction, methods, results, and discussion in this order. Some students may find it easier to incorporate these requirements into their paper as they are writing it instead of waiting until the end. Research & Writing For Your College Term Paper