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The Affordable Care Act


The enacting of the Affordable Care Act took place in March of the year 2010 under the US President Barack Obama. The act offers all American citizens a better health care coverage in the medical industry nation by setting in place comprehensive reforms for health insurance that had to perform a number of medical roles in people’s lives. This paper, therefore, seeks to provide an inevitable discussion of the Affordable Care Act. In order for the paper to fulfill its imperative objective, it will cover the stipulation and reforms of the Act in relation to the following; coverage of the act, cost and care of the act. Lastly, the paper will provide a brief discussion of the relevant information related to the Affordable Care Act under the conclusion section.

The Affordable Care Act:

The enacting of the US Affordable Care Act took place in March the year 2010. The act puts all state consumers back to be in control of their health care. Legislatively, the Act had a “Patient’s Bill of Rights” which offers the American citizens the flexibility and stability that they require in making informed choices that are reliable regarding their health. The Affordable Care Act is a constituent of two key separate legislative pieces; the one of P.L. 111-148 and the other of P.L. 111-152. Below are the three essential features of the act;

  • a. Coverage of the Act:
  • In terms of coverage, the act ends the exclusion for children conditions that were pre-existing at the time of the inaction of the Act. It facilitates medical coverage to as far as the young adults to as low as those under 26 years of age under their patient’s plan of health. The act also brought an end to withdrawals of insurance cover arbitrary. It stipulates that, insurers no longer had the mandate to cancel coverage for the reason of making a mistake that was honest. Lastly, this Act offered guarantee to the rights of citizens to appeal.

  • b. Costs:
  • In terms of cost, the act; brought an end to limits on health care coverage that was for a lifetime. Lifetime limits by insurers in regards to most insurance benefits were under prohibition in states for new plans of health insurance. The act also provided that there would be a frequent review of premium increases as some companies of insurance imposed unreasonable rates. Lastly, the Act offers help to individual citizens get a lot from the dollar of their premium.

  • c. Care:
  • The Affordable Care Act offers cover for preventive care such as infection immunization without requesting payments from the state citizens. All people possess eligibility to preventive services of healthcare that are under recommendation at no pay. The choices of individuals regarding doctors to use are under the act’s protection. Lastly, the law stipulation does away with the barriers to the insurance companies regarding emergency services.


In conclusion, the Affordable Care Act is an imperatively essential act to the US citizens as it has bettered their health care conditions. Putting the two pieces together expands the coverage of Medicaid to millions of America’s low-income earners and offers many improvements to both CHIP and Medicaid.

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